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Beautiful, Simple, Comfortable, Affordable, and a bit Smaller | Super Energy Efficient & Zero Energy Homes

You care about the planet. Your home creates your largest impact on the environment. How you live is the most concrete expression of your commitment to a healthier planet and lifestyle. What can you do about it?

Living in a High Performance Super Energy Efficient home will create the largest reduction to your carbon footprint, yet super energy efficient homes are more comfortable, cost less to own and operate, are a great investment, and they look beautiful.

If you are considering building a new home, you’ll want to be sure that you engage the right team. With BC’s new “Step Code” building code, which focusses on improving energy efficiency, you’ll need an energy efficiency expert to work with your designer, engineer, and builder.

Affordable Energy Efficiency is what I specialize in. I’ll work with you and your designer to ensure the right systems and products are specified and installed to achieve maximum energy performance and comfort including: building envelope, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, windows and doors, smart home technology. I’ll make sure your home is optimized for energy efficiency, affordability, and comfort. I’ll be involved during the entire build process to ensure the efficiency measures, systems, and controls designed into the home are properly installed and certified.

Personal Services

I advise people on how to invest sensibly in new or retrofit energy efficient and Zero Energy Ready homes

I work with home owners, builders, trades, registered professionals, to ensure homes include just the right energy efficiency measures to optimally meet certification levels for Step Code, Energy Star, R-2000, or Net Zero Energy


Business Services

I advise developerscompanies, organizations, and governments in designing energy efficiency projects, products, incentives, policies, and programs

I perform: market research,  scenario analysis, break-even analysis, carbon savings analysis, Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value analysis, undertake energy audits and energy models, perform competitive analysis

Business development, Sales and Marketing acceleration

Project support and management: I don’t just give advice, I take responsibility to deliver your energy efficiency project and product.


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